Wheaton Shipping Containers from K&K

Looking for a shipping container in Wheaton, MD? You’ve come to the right place. K&K Containers is a Maryland-based shipping container brokerage, and we deliver new and used containers to Wheaton businesses and residents.

We offer a complete selection of new and used cargo crates. From standard 20-foot sea containers to high cubes and 40-foot containers, we are your source for quality new or used sea containers. Choose us for storage containers or customized office containers (modifications are our specialty). We provide containers for:

  •    Construction sites
  •    Private storage
  •    Schools and governmental facilities
  •    Auto dealerships
  •    Mobile offices
  •    Green building projects

We deliver. Order with us, and we’ll deliver to your Wheaton location. Your container arrives in a self-loading, roll-back truck – so you don’t need specialized equipment on-site to unload the container. We also offer installation support.

Contact K&K Containers today to learn more about our options or to schedule a visit to our location near Wheaton. Or browse our customization portfolio to learn about our many modification options.

Sea Containers of All Sizes

K&K Containers offers access to new and used cargo crates of all sizes. From standard 20- and 40-foot containers to high cubes and mini boxes, you’ll find a complete selection of crates with us. Our available sizes include:

  •    Available lengths: 10-45 feet
  •    Standard height: 8.5 feet
  •    New or used 40’ high cubes: 9.5 feet tall
  •    New 20’ high cubes: 9.5 feet tall

Types of Cargo Crates for Wheaton, MD

K&K Containers sells and delivers a variety of cargo crates. If you’re looking for a specialty container, or you need a standard storage box, we’ve got you covered. Our best-selling options include:

  •    Standard Conex sea containers
  •    ISO cargo crates
  •    Refrigerated containers
  •    Flat racks
  •    Open top sea crates
  •    Used ocean freight containers
  •    One-trip containers

We’re happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our team can help source hard-to-find containers, and we have hundreds of used containers available for sale right now.

Office Containers and Modifications

We are Maryland’s premier office container supplier. We design and fabricate custom cargo crate buildings in our 20,000+ square foot machine shop, and we offer an extensive list of customization options.

Whether you need a cargo crate prepped for a building project, or you need custom features added, we can help. Our options include HVAC, plumbing and electrical preparations, windows and doors, roll-up doors, watertight doors, two-story structures, restroom and shower development, and much more. Our custom containers are ideal for:

  • Mobile office units
  • Green building projects
  • Portable classrooms
  • Power stations and control rooms
  • Secure storage
  • Training buildings


Get a quote today for a Wheaton shipping container. We offer the best selection in the Mid-Atlantic.

"The Sand Lot" Bar & Grille, made with containers modified by K+K Containers.

“The Sand Lot” A Foodsheds Restaurant

Container with Specialized Mounts and Recessed HVAC Unit

Customized Container Server Room

four angles of commercial and office shipping containers

A United States Military Branch


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