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Custom & Specialized Containers in Baltimore, Maryland

Custom Steel Containers for Sale

At K & K International Inc., we have a variety of custom options from which to chose.  Our custom & specialized storage containers can be modified to include almost any need, within reason.  If you don’t have a love for getting dirty, let K&K International’s 24+years of experience, do the job for you.  Once the details of the work are finalized, our staff of K&K employed, well trained fabricators, and certified welders, will perform the work you need in our properly equipped 22,000 ft². warehouse.

First of all, deciding how to set up your custom and specialized container can be confusing.  Don’t let it! Below are photos of some of the options our customers have chosen and by far the most common modifications are additional doors to access the container.  Some of the additional door types we have installed include; 36” personnel doors, specialized roll up doors, and additional cargo doors.   In cases where a watertight door is needed, like our Naval applications, we have installed shipboard watertight doors.  Furthermore, if security of your modification is a must, consider the different security features that are available.  A few of these include, custom steel locking bars, steel window bars, and cargo door locking mechanisms.  In addition to the few options just named, modern track lighting, interior stairs, , vents, HVAC, and any specialized type electrical connection needed (like a Hubble Plug) can be provided.

Modified Steel Containers Delivered to Your Location.  Ground Level and Delivered by Rollback Truck

Whichever of these custom options you require, we look forward to serving you!  It’s this Easy, Call 1-800-714-5550

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"The Sand Lot" Bar & Grille, made with containers modified by K+K Containers.

“The Sand Lot” A Foodsheds Restaurant

Container with Specialized Mounts and Recessed HVAC Unit

Customized Container Server Room

A custom shipping/storage container showing bare wooden walls, electical outlets, windows, and an air conditioning unit located on the wall next to an electrical breaker box designed for military use.

A United States Military Branch

A complete interior view of a modified shipping/storage container that has finished white walls, overhead lighting, a brown and white multi-colored countertop, and electrical panel and outlets.

Carruth and Son