Mobile Office Containers & Storage Containers

If every job site, company, and individual were the same, not only would life be dull but deciding which prebuilt office you needed would be simple. They would all be the same, so there’d be no choice to begin with.

Custom Office Containers

Thankfully, K&K International Inc. specializes in the custom modification of office containers. Before we start any work on your project, we’ll ask questions to ensure we understand your project completely.

Through a combination of any blueprints you supply us and by speaking directly with our staff, we’ll identify all of your needs, make any recommendations, and get the best possible solution for you and your budget.

Past projects include the simplest office containers, more complex multi-unit structures, and mobile server control rooms. There’s never a need to worry about small details getting lost because we maintain oversight on every aspect of your container’s modification.

All Details Handled By Our Skilled Team

From the first phone call, to the work being done in our properly equipped 22,000 ft. shop, to , the delivery by a K&K employed driver to your site, we look out for you and your needs.

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"The Sand Lot" Bar & Grille, made with containers modified by K+K Containers.

“The Sand Lot” A Foodsheds Restaurant

Container with Specialized Mounts and Recessed HVAC Unit

Customized Container Server Room

four angles of commercial and office shipping containers

A United States Military Branch


Carruth and Son

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