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Best Sale Prices on Used 40′ High Cube Containers

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Beware of out-of-town Brokers selling containers they have never laid eyes on for “Bargain” prices and offering warranty, when they have no established local office to perform repairs.

Here at K & K International Inc, we offer an extensive selection of shipping storage containers for our customers to choose from. These new and used shipping containers vary from ten to forty-five feet long, allowing you to choose the container that best meets your exact needs. Available in both new and used, a container that accommodates all budgets is within reach.

Can’t afford to purchase one but still need to store items at you home or business?   Ask about our affordable rental of standard 20′ and 40′ storage containers! Minimum 4 Months-Payment at time of delivery

Some options to choose from include ocean freight containers, refrigerated containers,flat racks, open top containers, ISO shipping containers, cargo containers, and Conex containers. Our most common sizes of cargo containers are 20 feet long and 40 feet long. They are 8 feet wide and most are 8 foot 6 inches tall. We also stock new and used 40′ high cubes (9’6″ tall) and new 20′ high cubes (9’6″ tall). There’s no need to have any equipment onsite for delivery. A friendly and reliable K&K driver can deliver the container to the ground on a self-unloading roll back truck to your site.

If you have a need for any storage, give us a call today to discuss your options! 1-800-714-5550


"The Sand Lot" Bar & Grille, made with containers modified by K+K Containers.

“The Sand Lot” A Foodsheds Restaurant

Container with Specialized Mounts and Recessed HVAC Unit

Customized Container Server Room

A custom shipping/storage container showing bare wooden walls, electical outlets, windows, and an air conditioning unit located on the wall next to an electrical breaker box designed for military use.

A United States Military Branch

A complete interior view of a modified shipping/storage container that has finished white walls, overhead lighting, a brown and white multi-colored countertop, and electrical panel and outlets.

Carruth and Son

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