Military Cargo Containers In Baltimore

Military Cargo Containers in Baltimore: What You Need To Know

Whether you’re a military contractor, government agency, or a business in need of exceptionally secure and durable storage solutions, military cargo containers offer unparalleled reliability. If you’re in the Baltimore area, K&K Container, a trusted family-owned business serving the region for over 30 years, is your go-to source for top-quality military-grade cargo containers.

Brad Himelfarb
Brad Himelfarb
Excellent Customer Service! Super friendly staff, very reasonable pricing and very inexpensive delivery. Thanks Again!
Capital Vending Support
Capital Vending Support
Drivers Bob and Rob very professional!! John K. in sales very helpful.
Jeff Welch
Jeff Welch
Needed a container while my house was being built. I found K&K online. They made it easy, delivered when they said they would, were courteous to deal with, fair pricing and picked up when I was finished. Loved everything about dealing with these folks, which unfortunately seems to be more of an exception than a rule these days. Thank you, Mandi and Anna! You all are the best. -jeff w.
Jason Delozier
Jason Delozier
Great customer service from sales to delivery. The driver Elton was very helpful and professional. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend K&K to anyone in the market for a container.
D Polt
D Polt
I can't say enough at how responsive, friendly and courteous the staff were from the time I contacted them for information and a basic quote. When I arrived at their location to look at the units, Mandy at the front desk was incredibly friendly helpful and courteous. And so that attitude continued through the whole process of selection and set up for delivery of 2 - 20' units. Hats off to them and best of all they are not brokers, but deal with their own containers. Could not have been a better experience.
Michael Norris
Michael Norris
Mice,friendly and good to deal with. Bought a 40' sea container .

What are K &K’s Military Cargo Containers in Baltimore?

Military cargo containers, are designed to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable. They are built to strict specifications, ensuring they meet the following:

  • Extreme Durability: Constructed from high-strength steel to resist impacts, heavy loads, and weather damage.
  • Impenetrable Security: Features like tamper-proof locking mechanisms and reinforced construction deter theft and unauthorized access.
  • Weatherproofing: Watertight seals and corrosion-resistant finishes protect your valuable cargo from rain, snow, humidity, and even saltwater spray.
  • Stackability: Designed for efficient stacking, maximizing storage space in tight quarters.
  • Transportability: Built to standardized dimensions and equipped with lifting points for easy handling by cranes, trucks, and ships.

Why Choose K&K Container for Military Cargo Containers In Baltimore


  • Unmatched Experience: For over three decades, K&K Container has been a reliable supplier of storage and shipping solutions to Baltimore businesses and organizations, including those with demanding military-grade requirements. That’s why you get the best Military Cargo Containers in Baltimore when you call Kim.
  • Wide Selection: K&K offers a variety of military-spec cargo containers in various sizes and configurations to meet your specific storage and transportation needs.
  • Customization Options: Their team can work with you to customize containers with features like shelving, ventilation, insulation, or specialized interiors.
  • Competitive Pricing: Family-owned values mean K&K passes savings directly to you when you purchase one of our Military Cargo Containers in Baltimore.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: K&K Container’s knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you find the perfect container solution and ensuring a seamless experience.

Applications of Military Cargo Containers in Baltimore

Our Military Cargo Containers in Baltimore boast incredible versatility. Here’s how they can benefit various industries in the Baltimore and surrounding areas:

  • Military and Government: Ideal for storing and transporting sensitive equipment, supplies, and classified materials to military bases, ports, and deployment zones.
  • Construction: Perfect for securing expensive tools, heavy machinery, and hazardous materials on construction sites.
  • Disaster Relief: These containers make excellent mobile storage units for emergency supplies, medical equipment, and temporary shelters.
  • Industrial: Protect valuable machinery, raw materials, and finished goods from the elements and potential damage in industrial settings.
  • Event Planning: Securely store event equipment, staging materials, and merchandise.

Additional Services Offered by K&K Container

  • Container Delivery: K&K delivers your container directly to your site using specialized trucks for hassle-free placement.
  • Container Repairs: They have a skilled team on hand to ensure your containers stay in top working condition.
  • Rental Options: If purchasing isn’t for you, flexible rental plans provide short or long-term container solutions.

Need Military Cargo Containers In Baltimore? Call K & K Container At (410) 574-5550

Ready to experience the unparalleled security and durability of military cargo containers? Contact K&K Container today for a personalized quote and expert consultation. Protect your assets with confidence!

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